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  • Parish News and events

    • The Parish of the Holy Eucharist is seeking a self-motivated, leader with an accounting and administrative background. More information and a message from Father Greenleaf... ______________________________
    • So much is happening in our parish that there isn't room on our web site to do justice to all of them. You'll find them all in our Bulletin... _______________________________
    • In the haste of getting 2 bulletins out last week prior to Thanksgiving I made some errors in the calendar..... ___________________________
    • Life can be especially busy during this season but it is still important that we take out the time to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ coming. So this Advent there will be an Advent Small Faith Sharing Group on our parish app for both adults and teens..... ___________________________
    • Sunday, Dec. 11, after 8:30 Mass. Read more... ___________________________
    • Saturday, Dec. 10, by chartered bus. Great way to start the Christmas season. Read more... _____________________________
    • Saturday, Dec. 10, 5:00 PM, St. Gregory. Sponsored by Knights of Columbus. _____________________________-
    • While faith-sharing groups are a great way to prepare during Advent, but not everyone can belong. Dynamic Catholic is offering Best Advent Ever: Rediscover Christmas. Read more... __________________________

    Please keep in your prayers our brothers and sisters who are sick. 
    Ted Walls as he recovers from an injury.
    Phoebe Corey daugher of John and Janet Corey.
    Cynthia Madore as she recovers from brain surgery.

    If you want to request prayers for someone in need, please e-mail Fr. Daniel Greenleaf. It is important that we get the approval from these individuals first in order to protect their privacy. 

    For information about Anointing of the Sick, please click here.
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception

    Thursday, December 8, we celebrate the wonderful gift God gave to Mary:  the immaculate conception, that is, she was born free of original sin.  God had chosen her from all eternity to be the mother of His Son.  The mother had to be as free from sin as the Son. 

    This feast is a holy day of obligation.  Masses will be celebrated at

    St. Gregory   8:00 AM
    Sacred Heart   8:15 AM
    Holy Martyrs   5:30 PM
    St. Jude   6:30 PM

  • Lessons and Carols and Volunteer Apprecation Open House

    We are so grateful to you for sharing your time and talen with us and so please join us in our spiritual preparation for Christmas at our Parish Lessons and Carols at 2:00 PM at Sacred Heart followed by a Reception for Volunteers at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall in the basement.

    December 4
    2:00 PM - Lessons and Carols
    3:00 PM - Volunteer Appreciation Open House hosted by
    the Parish Clergy and Staff

  • POTHE December Mass and Confession Schedule

    The Light is On

    Monday  Dec. 12 St. Gregory 6:00 PM
    Tuesday  Dec. 13 Sacred Heart 6:00 PM
    Wednesday  Dec. 14 St. Jude 6:00 PM
    Thursday  Dec. 15 Holy Martyrs 6:00 PM

    Christmas Eve
    Saturday Dacember 24

                    Holy Martyrs      4 pm and 6 pm
                    Sacred Heart      4 pm and 6 pm
                    St. Gregory         4 pm and 6 pm
                    St. Jude                5 pm

    Christmas Day
    Sunday December 25

                    Holy Martyrs      10:30 am
                    Sacred Heart      9 am
                    St. Gregory         8:30 am

    The parish office will be closed on Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2, 2017. There will be no Adoration  at Holy Martyrs Church those days.

  • Giving & Advent Trees at all Churches

    Select a tag and donate a gift.  You may also offer food or a cash donation.  

    For more information about the gift recipients for each church and contacts for more information, click here

  • Advent: Faith Sharing in Small Groups

    Have you considered joining our small groups for faith sharing?  Small groups provide an opportunity to experience real community and authentic transformation.

    Click here for information about existing groups, get downloadable materials for this week, and find a link to a sign-up form.  There you can also watch the video for each week.  You can join at any point along the way.

  • Bishop  Barron's Advent Reflections

    • What will the Second Coming look like? It will involve a complete re-thinking and re-working of our lives. To find out why, let’s turn to a lyrical passage from the second chapter of the book of the...